"The Bride Of Francis" Kidrobot Dunny AP set from Scott Tolleson announced!!!

We teased the possible release of an artist proof from Scott Tolleson a few weeks back... and now, we have all the juicy details! Francis is getting married, and the "Bride" is looking as ravishing as ever... deadly some might say! The best part... you are all invited to the wedding! Releasing at 10am PST on Tuesday, June 27th - you are cordially invited to partake in adding these two awesome artist proofs to your collection. The AP set includes two Dunnys and a Wedding Invitation (seen to the left). Francis (released in the Odd Ones Dunny series) comes with a special hand crafted bow tie accessory and will have a hand-painted kiss somewhere on his face. The Bride of Francis is a brand new Dunny sculpt cast in resin... how wonderful!!! Each one is hand painted by Scott! The soon to be newlyweds will be limited to just 10 sets and each set will retail HERE for $250. Will you attend... be sure to RSVP at the above date and time to be sure you don't miss out on this monstrous momentous occasion.

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