SPOTTED: Retroband's "The Oily Maniac" Figure!

We can't get enough teasers for the the forthcoming "The Oily Maniac" interpretation from horror figure maestro Aaron Moreno of Retroband Toys, which will be produced by PlayToy and Unbox Industries under official license from the Shaw Brothers Studio. If you haven't seen (or heard of) the 1976 film, The Oily Maniac (子鬼油) was based on the Malay ghost myth of the Orang Minyak, which literally translates as "oily man". In the Ho Meng-Hua directed film version, Sheng Yung (played by Danny Lee Sau-Yin) is a lawyer crippled by polio who is given a secret spell by his dying uncle that will turn him into an oil-covered monster. After initially using this power to become a superhero, avenging those who have been wronged, the "oily maniac" begins to take over and Sheng Yung can't stop killing while in this monstrous form!
As we previously announced, Moreno's approved design sketches (above) were interpreted by him as a small-scale original figure, which Unbox 3D scanned and increased to a nearly 12-inch tall (30 cm) height! While this might seem like a worrisome concept in terms of quality, it is the same process that Moreno's own "MEATS" was made and the upscaled version is the one pictured at the top of this post. Oh, yes, it looks good! And, as you can see, the oil drum accessory appears to have made the final cut, though there isn't any black goo leaking out of it… at least not yet! Still "a few months away" from being released, we are pleased to hear that "it is our intention to not frustrate collectors and try to ensure everyone will have an opportunity to obtain an edition at one point or another without having to rely on resellers."

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