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Kenneth Tang x Piece Of Art Toys - "Zoombie Monster" vinyl figure announced!

Another release from newcomers 'Piece Of Art Toys'... oh yeah, and it's radical! This piece, named "Zoombie Monster", is designed and crafted by Kenneth Tang of Blackseed Toys... it's a combination of skillful hand craft and 3D modeling. It's design is structured as such by using ball joints to connect each cart - very rare in vinyl - but that allows the collector to make this beast as long as they want. "Trains have been destroyed for many years whenever monsters invaded the world. Their soul gathered after being destroyed and turned into a new abomination, "Zoombie Monster". They swear to revenge the world at the price of their sacrifice!"A dragon/Kaiju train... the base figure comes with (1 head + 2 carts) and is approximately 11" long! Set to release in early July of 2017, exact dates and times will be posted soon... but expect it to retail for around $60 a pop! So awesome!

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