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Annie Montgomerie × Unbox - "Inklin & Tuddy" SOLID BLACK soft vinyl figures!

It's been a few months since the first release of UK-based mixed media creator Annie Montgomerie and vinyl producer Unbox Industries, "Inklin & Tuddy" soft vinyl anthropomorphic beings.... and now, these figures are getting hte SOLID BLACK treatment, a very errie yet fitting colorway, for these figures! Featuring animal heads onto doll bodies with hand-tailored clothing and handmade jewelry, Montgomerie's original pieces have become nearly impossible to purchase so it's truly thrilling to see the above-pictured "Tuddy" and "Inklin" pieces. Each standing roughly 11⅘-inches tall, these soft vinyl works feature all black aesthetics with custom glass eyes. Releasing HERE at 7am starting tomorrow - Saturday, June 24th... you can get them for $100 a pop!

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