A do-it-yourself(DIY) VINYL Spray Can... on Kickstarter now!!!

Introducing DIY Spray Can Vinyl Toy... A Full Scale Replication of a standard spray can. From Discordia Merchandising. Yeah... why hasn't this been done before!?!? DIY Spray Can Vinyl Toy is a full scale standard spray can with a twist, it's carefully redesigned to provide the most customization surface area possible... and it's up on Kickstarter HERE right now!
Standing 7.5" tall, all concave indentations and edges have been filled in, all details have been smoothed out, all corners have been rounded... streamlining a standard Spray Can into an art object that leaves the most room for creative interpretation. It is a hollow vinyl object making it easier to cut into and alter for any custom Toy possibilities, and it includes a realistic molded Fat Cap style top. From Discordia Merchandising, along with Colus, and EyeFormation... head on over HERE right now to check out the tiers up for grabs! Let's make this happen!

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