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Ummikko's Godzilla-inspired "Classic Koningu" Lottery!

Cast in dark blue vinyl with painted silver and red sprays applied, the above-pictured "Classic Koningu" is a homage to 1966's Marusan produced "Godzilla" toy. Handpainted in this likeness by "Koningu" creator Ummikko, this small run of the 5½-inch tall beasts can only be acquired by entering (for free) a lottery, with the winners being the sole people able to buy these gorgeous creatures! If you want to enter the drawing, email classic [at] ummikko [dot] com with the following info:
Zip code:
The lottery is only open until today (Tuesday, May 9th, 2017) at 2pm Pacific time, with those selected being responsible for paying $50 (plus $15 shipping) shortly after being contacted as winners.

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