ToyQube x Alex Pardee - "Half A Nice Day" vinyl figure proto!

We will continue to say it, ToyQube is killing it(pun intended) when it comes to new/fresh releases, and on display at Five Points is a new figure from artist Alex Pardee that is soon to be released... "Half A Nice Day"! Releasing as vinyl in the 3rd quarter of 2017, this awesome rendition of the very iconic yellow smiley face (created by Forrest Gump) gets the Pardee treatment as HALF the head appears to be blown apart revealing a very nice teethy smile, dangling eye, and some meaty goodness! Spotted on some apparel recently released by Alex, we not only dig the head, but the body is great... love the gloves and the socks - perfect! Standing just over 8" tall... once released, this will be perfect in any designer toy collection - well, almost any - haha!

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