The Dulk x Mighty Jaxx - "North Pole" 3D render teased for upcoming figure!

Ever since we found out about 'The Dulk' this past year, we were 100% in on his style... and his first release, "The Tortoise and the Hare", posted HERE - blew us away. Now, the folks over at Mighty Jaxx have taken note of his talent and posted the above images showing off a possible art collectible saying "Take a first hand look at this massive concept piece which we have been discussing with Dulk. What do you guys think about this?"... what do we think? We think it's AWESOME!!!
After doing a a simple search, we found out even more about this project. Based off a sketch that he did for a mural installation called "North Pole For Sale" from 2015, that features a whimsical menagerie of animals fleeing what used to be their home. This illustration was then given to the talented folks over at D'Avila Studio to render out in 3D... and that's what you see below... so rad! The details and complexity of this piece are really mind blowing, and if Mighty Jaxx decides to pull this off, it will not only be a huge undertaking... but a HUGE art collectible for all to have. Resin, vinyl, pvc/abs... who knows, we can say one thing that we do know though... this would be amazing in any collection. More on this project when we find out... until then, bask in the glory of the amazingness in this post!

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