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Super Kaiju Corps × Mighty Jaxx's "Tempura-San" Debuts!

If you follow Mighty Jaxx on social media, then you've probably been wondering who or what the "Super Kaiju Corps" are? It's a line of art toys depicting "a band of misfits within a world of misfits", an "alternate world filled with chaos and injustice". And the first kaijin creation from this world to be revealed is… "Tempura-San"! Designed by Chongwah, we're told that "Tempura-San lived a fairly average life," content to be running his own "little tempura stall in Tokyo" that brought in "enough income to supply his daily needs", until there was "an accident involving a nuclear waste truck [that] rendered him horribly disfigured." Making his debut at the Thailand Toy Expo (May 4th - 7th, 2017) in an exclusive clear vinyl colorway that is limited to only 25 pieces, our first true glimpse of what "Tempura-San" looks like is pictured below.

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