Ron English x Compound x Made by Monsters - Final Edition "Black Charlie Grin"!

Looking to score the final colorway of Ron English's Charlie Grin figure?!? Well, Ron English has teamed up with Made by Monsters and Compound to release the final edition - "Black Charlie Grin"! This will be up for pre-order HERE on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 (12:00pm - Noon Eastern Time). Standing 8" tall, each one will come with an adjustable Baseball Cap. There will be 150 pieces available in each color (Black & Gold / Black & Platinum) and they will retail for $250 a pop! - Check below for overseas orders...

North America: US $250 (online at www.thecmpd.com)
Asia-Pacific : US $250 (online at www.garageworksindustries.com)
Europe: US $250 (online at www.garageworksindustries.com)

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