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RESTORE's "Osaka Anarchy" Sofubi Figure Prototype!

Restore have done it again; or, more plainly, they've taken my breath away by revealing their newest prototype, a teaser for the forthcoming 8½-inch tall "Osaka Anarchy" sofubi (soft vinyl) figure. Built on a similar concept to their "CollectLister" piece, with a cavity in its own chest to store an "idol" aspect, "Osaka Anarchy" has a "toy theater" that brainwashes both retailers and customers! But the icing is that the piece located within its chest is a miniature rendition of Restore's "Kingdom Mind", their undead papal piece that made its vinyl debut in 2012 but has been available in resin before that. The "Osaka Anarchy" figure's "cheerful and bright lucky merchant's face" appears to be a mask, having "the effect of amplifying purchase willingness", but who knows what lurks under it… Though don't let that curiousity distract you from noticing that this figure carries a baseball bat, ready to wack, wack, wack in a Punch & Judy way! Set to be released in the Summer of 2017, expect more details to be forthcoming around then.

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