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Rato Kim × Rotta's "BoxCat: Sailor Cat" Lottery Details!

South Korean artist Rato Kim has partnered with fellow creative 로타 (Rotta) to produce an exceedingly small number of the pictured, hand-painted "BoxCat: Sailor Cat" kitty forms. These gorgeous, handmade, roughly 1⅗ × 1¾ × 2 inch resin figures will be displayed at the Art Toy Cultural (ATC) 2017 event from May 3rd until May 7th, but sales of this piece will be done by random lottery drawing. With only four pieces in the pink and four pieces in the yellow colorations, those interested in acquiring one will need to email ratokimtoy@gmail.com with your name, email, and color you wish to buy before the May 4th, 2017 deadline at 8am Pacific time. The winners will be announced one-day later on the artist's Instagram, with winners having to pay $95 for their new prized possession.

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