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OKEH x Mighty Jaxx - "Vomit Kid" vinyl release announced!

"Vomit Kid started from an idea that my artworks are a mere discharge of the filth contained in my head. Some may find them beautiful while others don’t but the world itself is already filled with dirt on the hands of many individuals. I have to keep discharging and working on my art even if I do not want to do so. Vomit Kid is a reflection of both my being and what the world is to me." - OKEH

Mighty Jaxx is excited to launch a brand new figure from the mind of Korean based artist OKEH, the seriously disturbingly yet awesomely wonderful "Vomit Kid"! From what we can tell, this figure was originally created as a resin art multiple back in 2013 by OKEH and was sold at a show called Division... the folks over at Mighty Jaxx picked up on the rad design and the rest is history! Releasing this Saturday, at 8am PST... Vomit Kid comes to life in vinyl! Bright vibrant colors and the same hunched over pose as the original release 4 years ago, be sure to pick one up! No word on the size or the amount, but from what we can tell they are around 8" tall and will most likely retail for around the $60-$100 price point!

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