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Kidrobot x Brandt Peters - "The 13" Dunny series in GID?!?!?

Talk about out of left field... we did not see this one coming as the folks over at Circus Posterus just announced the release of Brandt Peters "The 13" series. Wait... what?!? Yeah... the entire series has been revisited and cast in Glow In The Dark vinyl... every single piece. Originally released back in 2015, this series was hot... and it's cool to see that they re-released this series in GID, a fun twist! That being said, you can snag a case HERE right now as a pre-order (set to release in August/September)... Oh, but that's not all... check out that 'Infernal Manor' playset?!?!

Digitally sculpted by Bigshot Toyworks, this awesome vinyl centerpiece is also up for pre-order! You’ve collected the beasts, creatures and monstrosities that live within the manor and the Lord who rules over them all. Now it’s time to collect the final piece. Kidrobot and Brandt Peters put the nail in the 13’s coffin with the "Infernal Manor". This haunted house stands a whopping 16" tall and barely contains the 13 living within. This piece comes equipped to display your favorite spooky members of the 13 in various places around the house. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide, these are $150 a pop (pre-order HERE now)! Want more?!?! Well, you can get the entire set and the manor from Brandt directly HERE for $450 - rad!

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