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Garbage Pail Kids #355b: Semi Colin in Dunny Form!

Cartoonish pop culture artist WuzOne shows off his adeptness with hand-painting and sprays by crafting the likeness of "Semi Colin" (from Garbage Pail Kids's original series 9) onto the 3-inch tall form of a Dunny vinyl figure! And if you're wondering why a character from a card that was released in June of 1987 might sound familiar, it probably has to do with "Semi Colin" being the most famous and talked about (although not the rarest) Garbage Pail Kids 'Error' card, wherein no black ink was used in the upper-right corner of the card leaving some variations of the card without the #355b card number. Regardless, the pictured piece was a commissioned original work of art, thus it is not available to purchase; though those interested in commissioning their own piece from WuzOne can contact the artist HERE.

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