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Customs galore from One-Eyed Girl for Five Points!!!

Kasey Tararuj aka One-Eyed Girl has been hard at work trying to get lots of new work done for Five Points Festival... and above are just a few of the "Fruits" from her labor! "Hatchies"... she will have 5 little Hatchies available. Each baby dragon is a Custom Lunartik Cup of Tea. 5 to choose from: Water Dragon, Lizard Dragon, Furry Dragon, Alien Dragon and Flying Dragon - at $90 a piece... how adorable!!! Also up for grabs will be a new batch of yummy "Kritters & Kronies". For now, there is "Cuppy Cako", "Neapo Litan", and "Chip Chocko"... but she's hoping to have a few more... ranging from $50-$100 a piece. All of this, plus more, can be found at the Lickyourelbow Art booth #223.

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