Alex Pardee x Mighty Jaxx - The Backpack "ICY GRAPE" edition resin art multiple!

"After years of searching, Back & Pack finally uncovered the last clue to their most prized treasure—The Grape of Wrath. In order to obtain this precious grape, they had to brave a severe ice storm and get to the highest peak in the land of YUX." Mighty Jaxx is stoked to announce a brand new edition of Alex Pardee's BACKPACK resin art multiple... the "Icy Grape" edition! Standing 8.5" tall... this will be up for pre-order HERE starting May 6th... and look at how beautiful this edition looks! Featuring some really cool gradient sprays of pale blue on the 'Back' figure... and 'Pack' goes from a dark purple to light... really beautiful! Release details are scant at this very moment, but we expect the edition size to be around 100 pieces as well as the retail price to be about the same as other editions($120)... that being said, this is the final release of this figure, so don't miss out!

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