Prince... what a "Sexy Motherfu*ker"!!!

Sean aka Irishmofo, the dude who used to run Galactic Jerkbags (Suckadelic fan club), just recently created a Prince tribute action figure... and yes, it's called "Sexy Motherfucker, The Purple One". This rad custom 3.75" action figure cast in resin by DLL Customs, head sculpt by Ham FX, card art/design by MDCN, kitbash/paint/guitar sculpt by Irishmofo, and printing by Chimera Studios... is a true collaborative effort in every sense of the word! Limited to only 28 numbered pieces and priced at $75, these doves will fly HERE on Sunday, April 30th at 1pm PST! Oh... and there will also be a 'Sexy Motherfucker' T-shirt available as well, limited to 48 pieces. Shirts are $20 or $15 if you buy a figure!

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