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*On Site* Dauntless - new works by JRyu & JPK at Woot Bear!

This past Saturday saw the opening of Dauntless, an all original story and event at Woot Bear by J*Ryu and JPK! This event was shrouded in secrecy up until the event night, and the only thing anyone knew was that JPK would be in town!

The show opened at 6 pm, and if you happened to show up right then, you could see that the two masters were putting some final touches on their exhibit. And the truth was revealed! The two worked many late nights to develop a beautiful, slightly dark but redemptive story with handmade and hand painted resin pieces. Each display was a scene in the story, with Jesse doing the sculpting, and Jon doing the painting. I don't really think there is a great way to explain the amazing story without you looking at the slideshow here!

Something you may wonder - which is the beginning, and which is the end of the story? That's part of the mystery and fun; there doesn't appear to be a standalone start or end. The loop could continue forever, and seems to be a statement in itself. As a viewer you may feel hope and then despair - will they ever make it?? The emotional journey you take mimics the highs and lows the characters experience.

Journey aside, the detail is simply exquisite. My favorite is the soaring bird. The wings are carved with lined detail, and have texture that makes me want to touch the wings. It really feels like the bird is hovering off the pages, ready for flight.

Jesse and Jon did a great job working the crowd, saying hi and chatting with all their fans, while allowing people to enjoy the story and display. Vampy was on hand too, helping with the display set up and spending time with everyone! But maybe we were all having too much fun; we had a couple visitors from the police department! But they were just saying hi and telling us to keep the party indoors and not on the block. Pretty hilarious I think.

And that concludes another wonderful night!!

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