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Nikola Toys announces new "Fantastic Buddies" line of figures!

Jim Scannell and Ramiro Hernandez (Nikola Toys) just sent over word about a brand new action figure series that they plan on launching in the very near future... the "Fantastic Buddies"! Currently, they just wrapped up the first phase of prototyping for this expansive project and are now in the process of looking for partners/investors to continue moving forward. The plan is to start with 10 characters, and these have been formatted for a multimedia franchise that ideally includes an animated series done in an 80s/90s aesthetic, but with a more contemporary narrative arc... and it's fun!

Every character is individually hand-sculpted and tailored with a backstory that places them in the Fantastic Universe. Standing 6" tall, every blister card will also individually designed to house and illustrate the universe of personalities that we tell about. No matter the setting, they believe there is always a playful and moving way to present the ongoing journey of self-discovery - whether one ends up a villain, hero, or something in between. This is just the start, and they have their initial game plan posted to their site HERE... enjoy, and look for more updates in the near future!

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