Mike Strick for ToyCon UK 2017!!!

One of the showstoppers for me at ToyCon UK 2016 was the stunning piece from Mike Strick called Victor Blattodea’s Manual Over-ride, so it's great news to see that Mike is back at ToyCon this year with more of his stunning work. One in the Eye for the Empire is a 10cm tall forced-perspective resin display piece that can be wall mounted or free-standing on the included stand. They will be for sale at £35 on the Angry Hedgehog x Geistwulf booth (Booth T8).

He is also bringing more twisted fun in the form of the newest creation from Victor Blattodea's world - Toebots. Toebots are life-sized mechanically enhanced reanimated toes. There will be a selection of them in various configurations and colours at £15 each.

In addition there is a jewelry collaboration with Stuff by Katherine - a 1:6 Sterling silver Blade Runner blaster pendant - £90. Katherine will have her "Figure not Included" range of miniature silver weapons on sale at the same booth.

Finally there is Nukethulhu, which is a custom piece based on Evan Morgan's Nuketopus. It's 33cm tall at the wing tips. It will be for sale at £450 on the SUVB booth (Booth 3).

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