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GeistKat is coming to ToyCon UK 2017 - and he's bringing friends!

Nick Whitmore is the artist who brought the inimitable GeistWulf to ToyCon UK 2016 and started a sequence of work which has produced a new companion for ToyCon this year. GeistWulf 2 will be at ToyCon 2017 in his skeleton form... with a few new friends. His latest figure is called "GeistKat", and as you can see, this design follows the stunning, noble, and unique stylings of the other cats created by Nick Whitmore. We hear there are going to be just 10 of this idiosyncratic figure (which is 71mm approx 3" high) at ToyCon, so get to Nick quick when you get there or you are going to be disappointed. 

We managed to sneak another pic in here from Nick - which you can see in this post above - and there is also another colorway, which is yet to be announced, and something super secret as well... which we just can't wait to see on the day! With more of his figures being featured at the event, Nick is going to be someone we need to track down when we are there.

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