Doktor A. announces the launch of 'Copper Creeps' series 4 for ToyCon!

Doktor A. is excited to announce the launch of his 'Copper Creeps' series 4... which will happen at ToyCon UK this weekend! The two new characters in the classic horror series are: "The Gillman", denizen of fetid swampland and marshes, as well as, "The Phantom", mythic haunter of the Opera house! Phantom stands a slender 4″ tall where The Gillman is a chunky 3″ tall. The figures will be available in both “Cold-Cast” Pewter and Bronze open editions as well as the super limited, hand-painted Mono edition of only 20 pieces, each signed and numbered by Doktor A. All the versions and the rest of the range of 8 characters will be available from Dok's booth at ToyCon as well as launching in his online HERE the same day. )Metal versions £40. Mono painted versions £90.) So, yeah... Be sure to hit of Dok's booth at ToyCon... there will be some rad pieces to pick up!

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