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Be Prepared… Colus's "Tabuh Rah" Is Coming Today!

In a cockfight there is a winner and a loser. And, since it is a bloodsport, one of the roosters in the ring dies… a sacrifice so that the other may live to fight another day. Poised in a battle-ready stance, lifted up by its tail and wings, gold-tipped talons at the ready, Colus's "Tabuh Rah" sculpture prepares for either outcome. Its name meaning "pouring blood", this mostly matte black piece stands 8-inches tall by 6-inches wide by 9-inches deep. With each sculpture comprise of eight separately cast parts, which have all been handmade by the artist, the first batch of 5 pieces will be available today (April 4th, 2017) from HERE in Colus's online shop for $300 apiece. And make sure you follow Colus on Instagram to be alerted the moment they become available!

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