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Alien Robot Monster's Stranger Things Keshi: "Stranger Minis (Light Blue)"!

Alien Robot Monster is back with a brand new colorway of their hugely successful "Stranger Minis" keshi set... and this "Light Blue" set is releasing HERE this coming Sunday (4/23) around 3pm PST, most likely for $30 per set! That being said... if you want to win this light blue set of "El and the Demogorgon"... you can enter via your instagram by following these steps:
1. Have a public profile
2. Follow @alienrobotmonster
3. Repost this image (above) in Instagram
4. Tag @alienrobotmonster
5. Use hashtag #armcontest6 #designertoys #mouthbreather #theupsidedown #friendsdontlie #worldupsidedown #demogorgon #strangerthingstv #strangerthingsseason2 #strangerthingsfan #elevenstrangerthings #消しゴム #strangerthingsnetflix
The winner will be announced at 3pm PST Sunday (4/23), then store to purchase these... if you didn't win them, opens right after. Best of luck to all, and what an awesome contest/figure release!

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