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Retroband Interprets the Shaw Brothers's "The Oily Maniac" for PlayToy & Unbox Industries!

While the Shaw Brothers Studio are probably best known for their kung-fu movies, there are quite a few other genres represented in the over one-thousand films they've produced since 1958, such as the campy horror classic The Oily Maniac (子鬼油) from 1976. Based on the Malay ghost myth of the Orang Minyak, which literally translates as "oily man", this Ho Meng-Hua directed version focused on Sheng Yung (played by Danny Lee Sau-Yin), a lawyer crippled by polio, who is given a secret spell by his dying uncle that will turn him into an oil-covered monster. Initially using this power to become a superhero, avenging those who have been wronged, the "oily maniac" begins to take over and he can't stop killing while in this monstrous form! It was a great concept but the creature itself was too low-budget an affair, a very cheap rubber suit used to create the appearance. As that was the only downside to the entire premise, I can't wait to see what horror figure maestro Aaron Moreno of Retroband Toys does when he interprets the piece! Yes, Moreno is being given the opportunity to create an officially licensed rendition through a production collaboration of PlayToy and Unbox Industries. In regards to this soft vinyl release, Moreno promises to "give it my absolute best", and we're absolutely positive his version will be memorable (and highly desirable).

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