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Max Toy Company's "Captain Maxx" Returns… in a FRENZY!

Back in 2005, when Mark Nagata founded Max Toy Company, the Ultraman obsessed artist created his own version of the iconic masked hero character, though he cast his son — Max — in the role. Titled "Captain Maxx", Nagata even created a persona, the Phantom Collector, and website dedicated to tracking down the faux history this new figure (if you never saw it, check the site out here now). And now, over a decade later, "Captain Maxx" has been reinterpreted by another artist! Masashi "FRENZY" Oishi has sculpted a new version of the figure, pictured, which is 8-inches tall and features four points of articulation (arms, head, and waist). Cast in soft vinyl, this figure's face mask is noted as being called "Type A", implying that perhaps there are alternate versions out there! This figure is unfortunately already sold out from the their web shop, but make sure you keep an eye on the Max Toy Co. Instagram feed for updates of new versions.

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