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KAWS's "Companion" in Regular & Flayed "Red Editions"!

Where the End Starts is the largest survey exhibition to date of Brooklyn-based artist Brian Donnelly, who is better known as KAWS. This solo showcase is a comprehensive overview, encompassing his entire 20-year career, starting with his earliest graffiti years, then his critical fashion and design collaborations, and onto his monumental paintings and sculptural works. And now this exhibition has moved from its initial location at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (Texas) to the Yuz Museum in Shangai, China. As Instagram user xlbchronicles catalogued the exhibition on his feed, which opened there today, we noticed something new… the above-pictured "Red Edition" of KAWS's "Open Edition Companion" in both the Regular and Flayed versions. Red, of course, is very meaningful in China, symbolizing luck, happiness, and joy as well as being believed to be an effective color for warding off evil, so it seems completely just that they debut this "Red Edition" there. No word on if this version is exclusive to the Chinese show or if it will be available elsewhere, but the Yuz Museum does state that, unfortunately, they "are only able to do domestic delivery within China."

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