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Han Ning's "I SEE YOU" Custom of Burning Monster's "Miwu"!

Korean art toy team Burning Monster have been assembling a group show around their "Miwu Fly M45" design, inviting a diverse range of artists to reinterpret their form through paint application and even sculptural modification. And we're thrilled to see Chinese artist Han Ning of 6HL6 invited to participate! His one-of-a-kind custom version is titled "I SEE YOU", a name which immediately draws your attention to the diamond rhinestones the piece has for eyes. And if the eyes are truly windows to the soul, then this adorable lady is filled with a sparkly, lifelike wonder. With minimal paint application to distract one, the clear column that holds the saucer aloft is decorated with both artist's names. A lovely looking work, it will be exhibited at Burning Monster's group showcase in Taipei in April and Korea in May.

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