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Custom Kidrobot 8-inch "FLAG DUNNY'S" by Fer MG!!!

We have been following the progress of these 2 custom 8" Dunny's by artist Fer MG... and today, we get the scoop on these beauts! Inspired by the US and UK flags, two ‘one of a kind’ toys focused on collectors who wanna have an unique ‘Stars and Stripes’ or ‘Union Jack’ themed collection! Fer MG calls these ‘dunnysculptures’ as they have ben cut, reassembled and painted... with the results looking fantastic. The ‘Union flag’ dunny is framed and can be hung from the wall or supported on a shelf. It has just been sold... but the ‘Old Glory’ flag Dunny is available, and will be up for grabs HERE this Sunday the 12th of March at 12pm for $120... don't sleep on this! Great work!

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