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Vincent Van Gogh art collectible on Kickstarter... and yes, his ear is removable!!!

Vincent van Gogh... yes, that one famous guy... you know, the artist that cut off his ear (or lost it in a sword fight)... yeah, he is looking to be made into an art toy collectible in a sort of super-deformed style... and we love it! Created by art website 'Today Is Art Day', the Van Gogh action figure is up on Kickstarter right now looking to get funded... which it already has with almost a month to go! The figure features the artist looking quite dapper in his blue smoking jacket that is adorned with a sunflower. In his hand is a paint brush and as certain tier incentives, you can get the figure with a mock "sunflowers" or "starry night" painting. Oh, and if you were wondering... yes, the ear is removable... SO RAD! The 5" tall figure tier starts at just $21... so why not? Head on over HERE right now to snag one up!

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