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"Trump Lives" bootleg from Time Bandits for '(In) Action Figures #5' at Clutter Gallery!

"Trump Lives"... Whether you are for him, or against him... he's all around you. There's no escaping him. You will "CONSUME BIGLY" and he will "MAKE AMERICA OBEY AGAIN"... Releasing at '(In) Action Figures #5' at Clutter Gallery, the folks over at Time Bandits have teamed up with Todd Action(@topo1622) and Vile Consumption(@vileconsumption) to release a fun take on their previously released "The Donald Trump Show" figure (posted HERE)! The "Trump Lives" figure, sculpted by David Arshawsky (@turtlemilkstudios), will be limited to just 5 pieces and retail for $85 each.

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