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"The Pencil: John Wick Chapter 2" from The Forces of Dorkness!

"That fucking nobody is John Wick." said Viggo Tarasov as he told the story about John killing 3 men in a bar with a pencil in John Wick and *spoiler alert*... in John Wick Chapter 2 you get to see him kill some bad guys with one. (Bad Guy is subjective in this case, who really is the bad guy you may ask yourself, me... I consider anyone trying to kill me the bad guy, and I bet John does too). New from Scott Kinnebrew aka 'The Forces of Dorkness'... This is a tribute to an amazing action-movie franchise. It's a real pencil, coated is resin for durability, and custom painted to look like it has entered someone's skull and then been retracted. Each one is hand made so there is some variation between each so no two are alike. Call it a toy, call it a collector's item, call it a weapon, just don't call John and expect him to say anything on the phone or to use more that 3 words as a response in a conversation. Each one is a standard sized No. 2 pencil in a custom bloodied bag (note: It's paint and not actual blood because that would be gross and probably smell after a while) with a custom designed header card by The Forces of Dorkness. $16.95 gets you one and being the nice guy he is, Scott is also including shipping in the US. The release is limited to 20 pieces, and to make one part of your collection all you have to do is go HERE!

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