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Shaw Brothers's "The Boxer's Omen" Art Toys from PlayToy & Unbox Industries?!?

The Shaw Brothers have produced over one-thousand films since being founded in 1958, but their biggest contribution to cinema will probably always be considered the popularization of the kung-fu genre. And 1983's The Boxer's Omen (魔), directed by Kuei Chih-Hung, is a true classic among martial arts and horror aficionados. Focused on Chan Hung (played by Phillip Ko Fei), he has a vision of Abbot Qing Zhao (played by Elvis Tsui Kam-Kong) beckoning him to Thailand, wherein he gets caught up in a battle against evil and black magic. And now it appears this classic is coming to the designer toy world! Unbox Industries, in collaboration with PlayToy, have announced they are working on am officially licensed piece or pieces inspired by this film for release this year! Not much is known yet, but the film has several monstrous characters within it that could make for strangely cool toys…

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