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"Resinvoir Dogs: M.R. Pink" resin figure from 'Scraped Resin'!!!

Robert Rodriguez of 'Scraped Resin' has just sent over his submission for the '(In) Action Figures #5' show at Clutter, and in addition to being super cool, it's had a somewhat interesting journey on it's way to Beacon, NY. "...CALLING DICK TRACY! We got a tip that MR. PINK has been spotted fleeing a diamond heist!" Combining Playmate's Dick Tracy action figures with the blood-soaked thievery of Reservoir Dogs, my submission for Clutter Gallery's Inaction Figures 5 exhibition is a tribute to cinematic cops and robbers from the 90's. This rambler gets rambling with 3 points of articulation and comes carded on a resealable throwback card featuring art by Steve Yurko.

In a parallel to Mr. Pink's fate in the film, the package was legit seized by law enforcement when shipped to the Clutter Gallery (a first for him), almost preventing his participation. While little explanation was provided, they eventually released the figure, with it arriving just in time for this Saturday's show. Having learned from his 'Tapatio' debacle from a couple years back, it's worth noting this piece is formally titled: "Resinvoir Dogs: M.R. Pink", just to be safe. Only 5 made for the show, these will be available directly from Clutter Gallery, and can be purchased through their exhibition preview email list... sign up HERE.

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