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Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura's "Golden Poopasus + Rider" & "Pachyderm" Resins Available Now!

Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura continue their amazing partnership, revealing a brand new mini figure sculpt in the above-pictured "Pachyderm" figure. Molded from an original sculpt by the artists and cast in resin, only 25 copies of this 3½-inch tall piece have been pulled and hand-painted in the pictured color scheme. And, c'mon, who doesn't love some adorable, nubby tusks! But this $40 apiece gem isn't the only thing that was added to the myswitcheroo online shop… The duo's "Poopasus + Rider" set is back! After debuting in two versions, the original colors and the "Evil" rendition, their interpretation of the winged Pegasus returns in the below-pictured "Golden" color scheme. Giving a sly backwards glance, the 6 × 2½ × 4¾ inch "Poopasus" beast is eyeing a pellet of its own, um, well… you know. Of course the little girl character, the "Rider," is not only attired in a Pegasus costume but she's holding one of those ball-shaped feces. Limited to 15 pieces in this glittery rendition with rainbow mane, tail, and wings! Available right now in the myswitcheroo online shop, make sure to grab one of these $90 sets before they're gone.

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