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Alex Pardee x Mighty Jaxx - The Backpack "Invisible" edition resin art multiple!

"After discovering special coins taken from the ‘Hidden Stash Of The Bogmen’, PACK & BACK saw their limbs flicker in the light for a brief moment before realising that they were enchanted with an exceptionally strong disillusionment charm. Although invisible, they were not penetrable. They still had to be careful not to walk into others or let their tired breaths give them away." Mighty Jaxx is stoked to announce a brand new edition of Alex Pardee's BACKPACK resin art multiple... the "Invisible" edition! Standing 8.5" tall... this is up for pre-order HERE right now... and look at how beautiful it looks cast in clear tinted resin with painted details... lovely! Limited to just 150 pieces and retailing for $120 a piece, these come with a special collectible coin (This special coin is part of the legendary 'Hidden Stash Of The Bogmen',)... so rad! Head on over to grab one before they sell out!

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