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"Toyhacker" book release from WEBBO!!!

Webbo, an Artist /Sculptor/ Toyhacker based in London, recently set upon his own journey to have a book published of his work... "Toyhacker"!!! This is a 100 page full color book full of bizarre sculptures, twisted characters, dystopian dioramas, kit smashes, mutated models, and weird custom toys... every page is different to the last and encompasses the many facets of Webbo's practices leaving the viewer unsure what to expect next.

The book provides a window in to a world most people grew out of but nostalgically wish to return to, it purposely rejects the restraints of what is expected in the mainstream art world at the same time as paying homage to it with sculptures that would suit a high brow galleries wall within the same pages as strange art toys that would look at home on an eccentric collectors mantle piece. Deliberately avoiding any pigeon holes, labels or specific genre and with little written explanation he lets the art speak direct to the viewer, letting them decide what if any is the underlying message of the work. "Toyhacker" is available HERE right now for £15 along with many of his toy hacks subversions and sculptures

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