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Tenacious Toys announces their CLINICAL CLEARANCE sale!!!

Tenacious Toys just announced a brand new promotion for 207... something they are calling the 'Clinical Clearance Sale'! This is a progressive, month-long sale with discounts getting larger each week, through the end of January. Here's how it works: they start you off with a 25% off code good for everything in this 'Clinical Clearance' collection. The code CLINICAL is a public code and will work through the end of January. It's LIVE NOW so click HERE to go shopping! Every following Monday in January, they will EMAIL a new code to you which will get you progressively bigger discounts each week:
• January 1-31 (25% off): code is CLINICAL
• January 9-15 (35% off): look for the email on the 9th
• January 16-22 (45% off): look for the email on the 16th
• January 23-31 (55% off): look for the email on the 23rd
The January 9, 16 and 23 codes will each ONLY be good for one week, and they will be emailed on Mondays. Make sure you look out for them. What's the hitch? Why not just wait till the last week to make your purchase? Each week, before we email the new codes, they will be removing some items from the sale. So the item you are looking for at 55% off might not be available at that discount level. Also, most of the items they only have 1 or 2 units left, so the item might not last that long! Why is it "clinical"? The "clinical" part is the way in which they chose items to be included: anything they got over 6 months ago. That's it. Everything older than that has to go, and it has to go NOW. An exercise devoid of emotion is clinical.

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