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Otto Bjornik's "Bai Lan" Gets Ready To Hunt "Bai Chu" the Vampire!

The stunning sculpt of "Bai Lan" from Otto Björnik has really come along, a fairly finished prototype pictured above. We first revealed this figure back in October 2016, a follow-up piece to Bjornik's "Bai Chu" resin figure. While "Bai Chu" depicts a traditional Jiangshi, or Chinese hopping vampire, "Bai Lan" is his perfect counterpart, a Taoist priestess (or Daoshi) complete with traditional Zhuangzi jin pointed hat and important handbell. Um… important handbell?!? Yes, after a Jiangshi was subdued by having a death blessing talisman affixed to its head, the priest would toll a bell, every ring giving the undead a command to hop as well as a sound to follow, which would also deter onlookers, as gazing upon a Jiangshi was considered bad-luck. With outstretched fingers to touch attack any stray Jiangshi, I hope this piece comes with a trusty sword, either made of wood or strung together copper coins, to fend off more powerful vampiric foes… Most likely being self-produced by the artist in resin and each one hand-painted before being sold, we expect that the first edition of these will be coming in next several months… if not sooner.

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