"MINKY SHOW" the 5th annual Blamo Toys custom show... opens TONIGHT!!!

Watchu got going on tonight?!?! Well, if you are in Aspen, Colorado... you need to head on over to The Birds Nest Gallery as they are playing host to the "MINKY SHOW", the 5th annual Blamo Toys custom show!!! Featuring 40+ customs by artists from around the globe, this show focuses on the all wooden hand carved "Minky" figure... and if you have been to any other previous Blamo shows, you know this one will be spectacular.

One of said artists involved is Mikie Graham aka ZombieMonkie, and for the show, he contributed the custom that you see above, titled "Lost Blamonaut"! According to Mikey, "After crash landing on an unknown planet the "Lost Blamonaut" ejected from his space ship to wander the barren alien terrain alone. Sliding back his protective face shield to get a better look at his trusty "Guide to the Known Blamoverse," he realizes too late that he may have done so prematurely..." Great work, friend!!! The custom Minky show opens TONIGHT - January 20th... if you can't make it to the show, the remainder of the pieces will be uploaded to the Blamo website tonight after the show!

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