Is "Dunny Hecho en México, Series 7" Coming Soon?

Sometimes news comes in the most tenuous of forms… Méxican artist Jump Jumper Ant has been a fixture of the Hecho en México custom blind boxed collective and she is regularly at the forefront of promoting their new series, so when she posts something like THIS with all the standard DMX tags then we take notice. Using imagery from the forthcoming Ghost in the Shell film starring Scarlett Johansson, this teaser appears to be announcing a cyberpunk — or even specifically Ghost in the Shell themed — series will be "coming soon" from the Dunny Hecho en México crew. We have our fingers crossed that this is indeed an announcement that we can expect a new DMX blind box soon, comprised of completely hand-made original works of art using a vinyl Dunny base. If it's true, then obviously Jump Jumper Ant will once again be involved as well as, we assume, series coordinator Avatar666. Beyond that, who knows might be part of this potential DMX7 series?

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