'YETIMAGEDON' is upon us...

WOAH!!! A custom group show whose theme is Yeti's?!?! Where is our invite :-) The folks over at Mothership Gallery have teamed up with DexDexign (who curated this show) to host an epic group show that is set to take place on January 21st, 2017! They cast a rad crew of international artists including: Igor Ventura, Gary Ham, Kong Andri, Jason Limon, Brent Nolasco, Nugglife, Yetis & Friends, Frank Montano, Tougui, Tomodachi Island, iBreakToys, Jellykoe, Misformadness, Playful Gorilla, 2oz, Newfren, and DexDexign... and we can't wait to see what Yeti's these talented folks bring to the table! More on this in the coming weeks, and look for teasers and reveals in the near future as well!

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