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Strangecat Toys needs a little help...

If you follow Cory from Strange Cat Toys on Instagram you may have seen how their recent Art Basel trip unfolded... if not, here's the breakdown. On their second day of Art Basel, while driving on the interstate, the strap holding the fuel tank broke... Gas was spewing all over the road. They had to contact highway patrol and the Miami-Dade fire department, and they came out to assess the situation. Once everything was safe, they were able to call a tow truck, unfortunately the closest mechanics shop would not be able to start repairs for another 3 days. Cory and his wife have day jobs and couldn't take more time off from work so they had to have the Bus towed from Miami to Tampa - a total of 280 miles. Their tow ended up being $965 and the cost of repairs to the Bus is estimated at $600-800. All that being said, they are not asking for a hand out, just if people had their eye on something in their shop it would be a great help to them if they made a purchase. They have made a coupon code "savedabus", that allows customers 5% off their total purchase. So head on over HERE to throw some business their way, they would be truly appreciative!

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