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Kenny Wong × Go Nagai × Unbox Industries's "Molly" Prototypes Revealed!

Well, this is definitely an unexpected bit of amazingness. Spotted at the Toy Soul 2016 booth from Unbox Industries, it seems the are producing a series of figures based on the classic Kenny Wong (aka Kennyswork) character of "Molly". But look very carefully… the one on the far right is the traditional adorable girl depiction complete with crown adornment, but the there's more to all of them. These take upon themselves elements from Go Nagai's classic super robot characters! Left to right, we can see elements of Getter Robo G, Aphrodite A, Steel Jeeg (or Kotetsu Jeeg), and even the crown-wearing Molly appears to have the Mazinger Z body! If you notice the blocks, we have all the letters needed to spell M•O•L•L•Y except the Y… With a couple of other notable Nagai "super robots" to choose from — Gaiking, Govarian, several Mazinger Z derivatives (inc. Panda-Z) — I suspect a fifth one might be revealed at some point in the future…]

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