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James Groman × InstincToy's "King Korpse (Mixed Parts)" Lottery Opens!

When the previously announced versions of the 1st "King Korpse" painted release were offered at a variety of toy fairs, there was also a mixed parts version of this collaborative work between American artist James Groman and Japanese innovator InstincToy. Totally different from the painted versions, this "Mix Color" (or Mixed Parts) edition as a pop art feel, the various color swatch elements playing off of each other perfectly. But one of the most attractive features is the ribcage embedded in this beast's chest, a clear cast part that is made of PVC as opposed to soft vinyl, which resides over the glow-in-the-dark heart piece — the Liquid Heart!
Standing 12⅗-inches tall, this magnificent undead monster's imposing presence is enhanced by the fluorescent colors. In order to keep the price of this unpainted version as low as possible, the deluxe packaging of gunny bags with specially designed pins and number tags was foregone here, opting for a simpler header tag on plastic bag. But, as I said, this resulted in a cheaper price… ¥28000 ($245) apiece. Limited to only 80 pieces made worldwide, 30 of which were already sold at the fairs, there is a lottery to purchase this final chance to acquire this version direct from InstincToy — so out of everyone that enters to buy one between now and December 18th, 2016 at 6:59am Pacific time, only 50 people will win the opportunity to actually buy one. You can enter the lottery now HERE!

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