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Fer MG's "Happy Fingers" in Classic & Xmas Editions!

Exemplifying the idealized suburban couple of the mid-20th century, fondly remembered as a time of American greatness, Fer MG's "Happy Fingers" depict a husband-finger in shirt and tie while the wife-finger is adorned with make-up and painted nail. Of course their pose, reminiscent of the crossed fingers positioning, speaks to a promise that is broken… or, at least, intended to be broken in the future. Perhaps a subtle political commentary on Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan, the roughly 2¾-inch tall hand-painted resin pieces will be available in the "Classic Edition" as well as the "Xmas Edition", the latter of which wears Santa hats for some slight added height. Available tomorrow (December 30th, 2016) in Fer MG's online shop for only $30 apiece (Classic) and $40 apiece (Xmas), those interested in acquiring these should follow the artist on Instagram to be alerted when they are released.

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