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“Bavid” resin art multiple blind box series from W.A.R.!!!

Will Rimel a.k.a. W.A.R. (William Archer Rimel) just sent over info about his first official resin toy... and we couldn't be happier for him! All of the pieces of art he makes are called “Funk Muffins”, it's the world of characters he has created and feels that it embodies the odd, colorful, and whimsical style of his work. This piece is called “Bavid”. This is a very small edition of 12 pieces and is set up to be released via blind box. The original piece was hand sculpted by Will, molded and cast by TaskOne over at 'We Are Not Toys', and hand painted by Will.

Each piece is completely unique in its paint style and you won’t know which one you get until you open it. All the "Bavid's" come in their own professionally designed heavy cardstock box and come with a comical “Warning Label” written by me on the bottom. The toy itself measures 3”x 3.5” x 2” and the box is 4” x 4” x 3”. These are set to release next Wednesday, December 14th at 8pm. Each piece is $40 with $5 S&H, and they will be up for grabs HERE! Don't miss out... these are great!

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