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Ashley Wood × ThreeA's "Star Wars Alternate: Shōwa TK Trooper v2"!

The official licensed line of Star Wars collectible figures redesigned by Ashley Wood and released by threeA, the in "Star Wars Alternate" series, continue forth with the four pictured versions of the 12-inch tall "Shōwa TK Trooper v2"! Mingling elements of a Star Wars's Stormtrooper with Wood's own "Tomorrow Kings" line, it's interesting that the title includes "Shōwa" in it, which denotes the period in Japan between 1926-1989, when the country was ruled by emperor Hirohito. Aside from being the longest reign in Japanese history, it was also the period that saw the release of all three of the original trilogy Star Wars films. These figures will be released on December 16th, 2016 in the Bambaland shop, most likely for $160 apiece.

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