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"Aloha! Lolligag" Vinyl Prototype Unveiled!

Wow! Bombastic Fantastic's kawaii lifestyle brand is bringing their mascot girl character (and namesake), Lolligag, back for a second vinyl figure release! Following up the 2012 released "Vive La Lolligag" figure, which memorably featured a Marie Antoinette inspired hairdo and spawned several fantastic custom exhibitions over the years, this new vinyl figure is titled "Aloha! Lolligag". Sporting Hula appropriate attire, this Hawaiian/Polynesian inspired rendition really impresses with its fluid-looking form — balanced on one leg, several strands from her grass skirt, and the bun at the bottom of her hair, the "Aloha! Lolligag" piece is beautifully captured in mid-dance routine. Most likely sized similarly to the original figure, roughly 6-inches tall, this is announced as "coming sooner than you think"…

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